Todays post was inspired by me, my penny pinching self, and I.

You see, it all started while out shopping for fall tablescape decore, when I spotted a beautiful fall wreath that I really liked….until I saw the price tag (que lady screaming).


The price? Wait for it …… $149.99. “What! You’ve got to be kidding…..”  Power walking over to the floral section, I snatched up a plain grapevine wreath, some magnolia leaf garland, and some white filler flowers and said “No thank you, I’ll just do it myself!”

So, I did!

Here is what you will need:


  1. Lay out your wreath on clean surface. It can get a bit messy so I would move any valuables.


2. Lay your garland over the wreath. You may need to try this a few different ways to make sure it looks perfect. Then, attach the garland with your brown grapevine wire.


3. Then, choose where you are going to add your white filler flowers. I feel like I could have bought more of these to really give it more of a full look.


4. Next, you will hang your new fall inspired wreath on your front door and enjoy!



This wreath was surprisingly easy to make and came in at under $20.00! Thanks mom for teaching me how to be “frugal” or cheap as most people call it!

Hopefully, you were inspired and got a few new ideas so you can make a DIY wreath of your own.

Please share any tips you have or fall wreath photos you’ve done. I would love to see them!

Have fun & happy decorating!!


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