Hey Guys!

Today I wanted to talk about …. Botox. Should I? Shouldn’t I? Does it hurt? Is it expensive? That’s right, today Im going to answer all of your questions about Botox!

After all, I started this blog to share all things family, fitness, and health in hopes to educate and inspire others to become the best versions of themselves and how better to do that than be an open book and share my experiences…the good and the bad.

Let’s start at the beginning. I have been getting botox now for about 3 years. When I turned 33, I first began to notice some fine lines on my forehead that wouldn’t go away after I stopped making a facial expression. I have always been a “pro-cosmetic” person, and believe if you don’t enjoy something about yourself …. change it. Wether it be your weight, bad habits, attitude, mindset, or thats right….even your appearance. With that said, you should never base your value on your outward appearance.

That, my friends, is an inside job.

Botox is not just for the glamorous celebrities out there, its for everyday people just like you and me, who simply want to erase fine-line, wrinkles, and prevent further skin issues.

So, Lets get down too it!

1. Is Botox safe?

Yes, botox is a toxin. However, when used in small doses, it is completely safe.

In fact, it is FDA approved and has been used for many years in the medical industry to treat cerebral palsy, strokes, and migraines…. just to name a few. My only suggestion and from what I have learned personally, is to choose a board certified dermatologist.

2. Does it hurt? 

Personally, I’m going to say no. What I would compare it to is; a small pinch on your forehead. Go ahead ….. and try it. See, it’s not bad. Now imagine that 4 to 5 times and you’ve got Botox!

3. How much does it cost?

It depends. Botox comes in units. Typically you would get anywhere from 10 or 20 units. Units range in price from $8 to $13 per unit. Your looking at in between $150-$250 depending on what you get.  The good news is that medical spas are always having specials, so be on the lookout. Also you can find great deals on Groupon too!

4. How long does it take to see results?

The standard rule is 3-4 days, however I typically notice my results after 3 days.

5. How long does it last? 

Botox is supposed to last anywhere from 3-6 months. I will notice my results wearing off sometime around month 4.

6. How long does it take?

With any office visit, it depends on how fast they call you to the back. However, once in the chair, this procedure should not take longer than 20 minutes. It is in quick in & out visit, and then you can get back to your regular scheduled programming.

BEFORE                               AFTER



Overall, I really do enjoy getting Botox. I typically do it once a year and that’s enough for me. That might change one day, but for now I am completely happy with the occasional injection. So, cheers to aging gracefully ….. or not.

Keep calm and Botox on!

Please share your questions/comments on botox below! 



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