Countdown to Black Friday has officially begun! November 23rd is quickly approaching so mark your calendars, set your phone reminders, and get ready for some sweet deals this year. Planning ahead will maximize your chances of success. I have done all the research for you and picked my top Black Friday deals. If your anything like me, you want to skip the 4AM wake up call, frustrating traffic, crazed crowds and terrifying lunatics.

Expectation                   VS                           Reality


I prefer a more relaxed approach; throwing on a comfy robe, grabbing a cup of coffee, listening to some bossa nova, while adding items to my metaphorical cart and checking out.  Done! That’s right, I do all my Black Friday shopping online and its worth every penny.



  • More and more stores are offering similar deals online to what they have in the stores.
  • Stores like Walmart, Best Buy and Target are also offering free shipping, so you save on gas and postage.

Ok onto the deals: 


special promotions and deals can start as early as November 1st so be on the lookout



41ZqVinUVvL._SL160_Angashion Women’s Leopard Cardigan: Price $29.99/ Sale $25.49

This cardigan is everything! I Think it is the cutest statement piece. You can throw it over some jeans and a simple top and your out the door. I also think this would be a great gift as it would work for all ages and sizes.



23 and Me: Price $99.99/ Sale $49.00.

This is so much fun! We did this last year however we used I wish we would have used this company as I believe they give more detailed information. I learned I am 40% Scandinavian which I had no idea. We also gifted Adam’s parents with one and they got a kick out of it as well. After we got our results everyone had to make a traditional meal from there top ancestry group.



expect Target’s Black Friday deals to be available online beginning at midnight Central time on Thanksgiving morning


Beats by Dre: Price $199.99/ Sale $89.99

I ultimately switched over to these after growing tired the struggle to untie my traditional earbuds and constantly pulling the connection out of my phone while running. They are super easy to connect through your bluetooth and the sound is great. These are a great gift for the fitness guru in your life.


Power Air Fryer: Price $99.99/ Sale $49.99

Now the one thing I don’t need in my kitchen is another appliance to take up space, however, this one would be totally worth it! I have had my eye on one of these for a while now and I can not wait for this sale. I am looking forward to some air fried sweet potato fries, air fried chicken wings, air friend chicken strips and coconut shrimp!


Cannon DLSR camera: Price $749.99/ Sale $399.99

I want. I want. I want. Lately I have been loving taking photos. It could be from something random that catches my eye, something beautiful in nature, to a family moment you want to remember forever. I love that the quality of this camera is on point so when I print of my photos and display them throughout the house it will look so professional.


kohl’s online Black Friday deals starting Monday, November 19


Amazon Echo: Price $99.99/ Sale $79.99.

I got one of these last year for Christmas and I have used it everyday since then. What I enjoy is that you can play any song that comes to mind. No checking your music app on your phone, searching itunes to download, or shuffling through Spotify to find it. Any song is right at your finger tips. Another cool feature is that you can play Jeopardy on it. Every morning I greet Alex Trebek and get 9/10 questions wrong, but it’s still fun to try. I also use it for setting to-do lists, cooking timers and calendar reminders.


Shark Ion Robot 750: Price $469.99/ Sale $249.99

Ok I know this one is still steep in price, but I know ALOT of my moms out there won’t put a price tag on help cleaning the house. This guy is awesome! Cleans all floor types, carpet and hard floors. Automatically docks and recharges itself. You can operate from your smartphone or with voice control through Alexa. Can be scheduled for 7-days a week of cleaning while you worry about the more important things in life, like when the new episode of OC housewives is coming on.



Better than Sex Mascara: Sale $12.00

This is the perfect stocking stuffer. I love this mascara, it truly is what the name says.


Moroccan oil: Sale $15.00

This is the holy grail of hair oils! Seriously, it smells amazing and keeps the frizz down to a minimum with all this humidity here in Texas!


And there you have it!

These are some of my top finds for this upcoming Black Friday Sale. I hope you enjoyed it!

What are some items you looking forward to purchasing this Black Friday?





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