Hi Guys!

I hope everyone had a pleasant Thanksgiving with family and friends! We stayed here in Houston and had a nice, relaxing day. I cooked all the “traditional” Thanksgiving food with with help of my daughter, who is becoming quite the little chef if I do say so myself! We watched football, drank hot cocoa, and sat by the fire, all in all I’d say it was pretty perfect!

I let a couple days pass before I decided to brake out all the Christmas decor. This year after much flipping through magazines and pinning on Pinterest, I decided to go with a buffalo plaid, silver and gold theme. I am LOVING it!

I have linked some of the items below however, most of my items came from the 99 cent store. I grabbed a few things from Hobby Lobby and Marshals too. I have been loving the 99 cent store lately! I have to admit, I used to think there was nothing I would like there, but after strolling the isles I instantly fell in love with almost everything!

Christmas decorating is so short lived so why spend hundreds of dollars on things your just going to put up January 1st…..ahem, April 1st.

I hope you enjoy my decor and feel inspired to do some decorating around the house!

What color scheme did you go with this year for Christmas?!?!

Leave me a comment below.DSCN2378DSCN2389DSCN2393DSCN2398DSCN2399DSCN2402DSCN2403

plaid table runner // coffee mug // pillow // lantern





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