Hi Guys!

Today I wanted to bring you a workout that I did the other day, and I’m still sore!

This is a 100 rep kettlebell workout. All you need is one kettlebell for this workout. I used a 20lb but feel free to use a weight that feels right to you.

This can easily be done from home or at the gym. It took me around 30 minutes so it is both  fast and effective!

This workout will consist of 5 rounds of 5 exercises with only 5 reps each exercise.


Squat: with feet shoulder with apart and toes pointed slightly outward, hold the kettlebell with both hands about chest high. Squat down to 90 degrees and come back to starting position. Repeat 5 reps.

Kettlebell swing: Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder width holding kettle bell directly in front of you. Lower yourself into a squat position while swinging the kettlebell in between your legs. Forefully drive your hips forward to propel the kettlebell into the air. Allow to kettlebell to swing directly in front of you. Repeat 5 reps.

Back row: Slightly bend knees and shift your weight forward. Holding kettlebell laterally pull kettlebell up to body  keeping elbow close to your side. Repeat 5 reps.

Bicep curl: Stand with feet close together holding kettle bell at side. Bring kettlebell up to shoulder with palms facing up, slowly lower back to starting position. Repeat 5 reps.

Straight leg deadlift: With knees straight, bend over and grasp kettlebell handle. Lift kettlebell upward and back to side by extending hips and waist until standing upright. Pull shoulder back if rounded. Lower kettlebell between feet by bending hips and twisting waist so shoulder of weighted side is turned forward. Repeat 5 reps.

Repeat this a total of 5 times!

This is a full body workout working legs, glutes, arms and back

I hope you enjoy!

What are your favorite types of workouts?


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