Let me just tell you. These Leggings are AMAZING! I used to think leggings were only for workouts but leggings have been making a daily appearance in my wardrobe a lot lately. You can pair them with a simple t-shirt and jacket or cardigan for running errands. Until now, I have only owned Nike leggings.

I’ve tried the whole Lululemon thing and personally, I was not that impressed. The material was just to thin for me. I have also tried the 90 degree “dupe” Lululemon leggings which were definitely not as high waisted as I like. So I decided to buy my first pair of Zella’s.

I fell in love! They are definitely high waisted, super soft, and the material is thick enough to hold everything right in place. What more could you want from a pair of leggings? I have had them a little over a month and still absolutely love them.

These are perfect for the gym, a casual or dressy look, and even for pregnant women who just want some extra support around the middle.

As far as gym performance, yes – they are squat-proof and do-not fall down at the waist. 

Mine are in medium and true to size. Right now they are on sale for $32.98. I also bought them in black. I have linked the items here as well.

You will be happy, I promise. 

Also, what are your favorite pair of leggings? 

Leave a comment in the section below I’d love to know!

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