I can still remember my first Micheladas at a Mexican restaurant thinking: “What in the world is this?” To my surprise it was delicious! I am a sucker for Bloody Mary’s, but the Michelada takes things to a whole other level. Maybe it’s the chili Tajin crusted rim, or the crisp carbonation of the beer, whatever it is….its magical. To celebrate this Cinco de Mayo we poured a few of these babies and BBQ’d in the backyard. Here are a few things I used.


  • Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix
  • Valentina hot sauce
  • Lemon or Lime
  • Beer
  • Cilantro
  • Worcestershire sauce
  • Tajin

Step 1

Run some water over a glass and place in the freezer for about 30 minutes

Step 2

Smear a lemon or line around the edge of the glass. Next sprinkle some Tajin on a paper place and roll the glass around coating the Tajin onto the edge.

Step 3

Add your Bloody Mary mix to the glass about 1/2 way. You can use any tomato juice but I love the spices in Zing Zang so that’s what I went with.

Step 4

Squeeze one lemon or lime into the glass with a few dashes of worcestershire sauce.

Step 5

Add a splash of any hot sauce you like. My favorites are Valentina or Chaloula.

Step 6

Last you’re going to add your beer. typically a Mexican beer such as Modelo, Pacifico, Tecate or Corona. I used Lawnmower because it has a crisp and refreshing taste.

That’s it! You can dress it up however you would like. I used cilantro and some pepper on top to give it a little extra flavor. This is a fun drink you can make several different ways so use your creativity and ENJOY!

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