Summer Bucket List

Hi Guys!

Welp, summer is finally here and in full force! We have already come close to the 100 degree mark here in Houston, TX! I don’t know about you, but I really love summer! There’s just something about the smell of suntan lotion, laying out by the pool and eating a pop-cycle that takes me right back to my childhood days. As a kid I remember spending endless days at the pool, riding my bike and playing with my friends until dusk….those were the days!


So, in the spirit of summer, I decided to make a Summer Bucket List based on some of the things I loved doing as a kid!

  1. Beach Bonfire. What is it about having a beach bonfire with music and smores that seems like life just couldn’t get any better! Im not sure about the beaches here in Houston, but this will definitely have to happen!
  2. Visit a llama farm. Ok so, random… I know. I lately on Pinterest I have been pinning my inspo pics and stumbled upon a picture of someone at a llama farm. The sight of llamas just make me so happy its at the top of my things to do. It just so happens we do have a llama farm here in Houston …..coincidence? I think not.
  3. Go white water rafting. Ok so, we went on vacation to Oregon one year and did this once. They told us the rapids were a level IV, however it felt like a level II. I would love to have a do-over and really get to have a true rafting experience.
  4. Fly a kite. How long has it been since you few a kite!?!?*enter Mary Poppins song. I vaguely remember, but what I do remember that is was FUN!
  5. Host an adult game night. We have been obsessed with the movie Game Night. If you haven’t seen it yet…do it! I loved game night as a kid and I’m overall a pretty competitive person so this is a must!
  6. Make sun tea. So, my dad used to have this big jar that he would fill with water, add a bunch of Lipton tea bags, and let it sit out in the sun all day. I remember sipping the tea over ice on the porch and playing dominos, really … this was just a classic summer memory.
  7. Watch the sunset. If I had to pick sunrise or sunset, sunset would win every time! I remember the sunsets in California were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. No talking… just watching until it fully sets.
  8. Tie dye t-shits. If you have kiddos this would be the perfect summer activity right before a water balloon fight! I used to love when we would tie dye shirts! Really its just fun, easy and cheap.
  9. Have a picnic. I’m not meaning just any ol’ picnic …. I want an Pinterest worthy picnic! Im thinking Chartreuse board, wine, kinda a day-date type picnic!
  10. Play sand volleyball. Im not much for sports however doesn’t beach volley ball sound like so much fun! Having a few friends get together for a friendly (or not so friendly) game of volleyball. You get in a good workout, a tan and have a few laughs at your own expense…it’s a win-win!

I hope you enjoyed my summer bucket list and get to incorporate some of your favorites into your summer!

What was your favorite summer memory???

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