Weekly Dinner Menu | Grocery List

Hi Guys! It’s been a minute since I’ve put up a blog post. I wish I had a really cool reason but, if I’m being honest, I’ve had a bit of writers block. Has that ever happened to you?

Welp, good news….Im back and ready to share with you some healthy meal options for the week! If you anything like me, you love having a plan. Hallelujah!

Those who fail to plan, plan to fail”

Benjamin Franklin

I love having a meal plan for the week. There is nothing worse than getting out of work after a long day and then scrambling to throw together a semi-nutritious meal that looks like something Picasso would have created. So, here is what I thought I would do. I dedicate my Fridays (since I’m off work) to scouring Pinterest for the most nutritious, highly rated meals and then I write out a grocery list and menu plan for the week. I am going to take out all the guess work for you and share with you what it looks like! Im also going to include a printable PDF of the grocery list for all the items you will need, feel free to improvise if you would like, for simplicity sake. How does that sound? Good! Here we go…..

Monday: Grilled Chicken Margherita

Tuesday: Mexican Street Tacos

Wednesday: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes

Thursday: Szechuan Noodles


And there you have it… our weekly menu and grocery list!

I hope you get to try out some of your favorite ones!

Let me know in the comment section below which dinner you would most likely make???

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